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Learning and education is a journey. It is a progressive process. Only by learning one tip at a time do you embrace the chance for social, economic and general empowerment. Learn ‘one thing’ every day from a reliable source of educators, practitioners and mentors in law with a combination of over 20 years experience. This year, SheriaTips has partnered with Haki Mashinani in order to to educate and empower both employers and employees on their rights and duties as far as Labour Law is concerned. Through an application, Sheriatips developed a platform that could relay short messages for free to a select pilot group on issues touching on labour rights, sexual exploitation in places of employment among other topics. The recipient after receiving a short message may opt to read more content of the message and even get legal assistance by sending a message through this web page for further follow up, more enlightenment or referral to like minded NGOs or pro-bono lawyers.

See related topics below:

  1. It is the prerogative of an employer to promote an employee.
  2. Employer’s right to demand trust, honesty and confidence from the employees.
  3. Employee’s duty to ensure he/she does not engage in competing duty with employer.
  4. Employer’s duty to maintain the records of his/her employees.
  5. Right of employer to participate in the election of officials to employer unions.
  6. Female employee’s right to maternity leave
  7. Employees duty to notify thier employers of their injuries at the work place.
  8. Obligation of employers to provide housing to employees
  9. Employers duty to deduct any amount authorized by written law
  10. Duty of Employer to deduct wages for the time employee is absent
  11. Employers have a duty to deduct a reasonable amount of money for any damage occasioned by the employee.
  12. Employers have a duty to deduct amount due to a provident fund.
  13. Employers have a duty to draw a contract of service and stating employment particulars.
  14. Duty of employees to be accountable for money and other resources in their care.
  15. The right of an employer to promote an employee.
  16. Right of an employee to be paid one month salary in lieu of notice.
  17. Right of an employer to appraise an employee.
  18. Obligation of employer to ensure safety and health at the workplace.
  19. Employee’s duty to wear protective gear/clothing provided by the employer.
  20. Dismissal from work should only be in accordance with the stipulated law.
  21. Resignation from work should only be as stipulated by Law
  22. Right of casual workers’ terms to be converted to a contract if they have worked for more than a month.
  23. Right to expect due care and reasonable skill from the employees.
  24. Duty of employer to issue a statement to employees of accessible disciplinary rules.
  25. Employer’s right to be notified when an employee is proceeding on sick leave.
  26. The right of an employer to promote an employee.
  27. Right of the Employer to demote an employee.
  28. Duty of employee to obey reasonable orders from his employee
  29. Right of employer to demand confidentiality from the employees
  30. Right of employer to form or join employer organisations

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