What is my recourse if my neighbor’s cow has stepped on my crops and caused damage?

sheriaTIP: The question here really is whether a person can sue a cow  , which is practically impossible. Common law, which Kenya Subscribes to, as far as this kind of liability is concerned gives us some rules of what happens when an animal causes damage to another person or another person’s property.

The law divides animals to those which are naturally wild and those which are naturally domestic, and apportions blame to the owner accordingly. If one keeps a naturally dangerous animal, then they are to blame since they ought to have known that the animal is likely to cause harm. However, if an animal is usually tame and went ‘kuku’ on a special moment, then the person who is seeking to be compensated may not have an automatic claim as far as this is concerned., and only in very very special circumstances will the owner be responsible for a domestic animal gone rogue.

So watch over that naughty cat next time, and be careful when you decide to rear a lion for a pet!

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