• If you take a motorbike, you must sit ASTRIDE, or you risk a fine of 10k.
  • You can confirm whether your lawyer’s practicing status is valid by checking their status in the LSK Search Engine?https://online.lsk.or.ke/
  • Under the new Computer and Cyber crime law, spreading fake news is an offence which someone can be jailed for 2 years or fined 5 Million.
  • Under section 13 of the Marriage Act,you can sue your spouse for negligence the same way you would sue any other person.
  • Sir, You know, under the law, if your cows destroy someone’s crops you can be made to pay?


SheriaTips is a mobile messaging service that offers basic legal information, whose subscription is voluntary. After a period of subscription, one is allowed to access specific content of their interest based on the basic Artificial Intelligence capability that we will built onto our messaging platforms.

At SheriaTips we believe that legal literacy is at the core of social, economic and civic development. In a bid to enhance the law classroom to the subjects and consumers of law, who is all of us, Sheriatips streams from the reality that legal information is sometimes scarce and not all Kenyans can access the information or even the services of an advocate (13,000 registered advocates against a population of over 45 million!)
Sheriatips, recognizes that there are engagements that must be reserved to lawyers. We realize that basic legal information is crucial in the daily economic and social survival of Kenyans.

Importantly, at Sheriatips, we do not replace the noble  and respected seat of legal counsel or the advocate who still plays a key role in legal representation. We also do not masquerade as a law school. However, we are driven by the reality that ignorance of the law is not an allowed defence; meaning that ‘i did not know’ does not qualify you to be forgiven for a criminal offence, and it does not award you of sympathy compensation in case you are snookered in business.
In Kenya, statistics show that a high percentage of people are either unaware of their duties as responsible citizens or are clueless of what they are owed as rights by others.

The high quality of information sent comes from our team of qualified lawyers and researchers with a total of 35 years of experience in legal practice and legal education.
The tips form a key entry point of empowerment through knowledge, and create curiosity where people can read further on the relevant law in order to appreciate the reality that governs their administrative and social realities that they exist in. Sheriatips also creates possible engagement by creating a discussion platform to share information.
Sheria tips appreciates the value of pioneers of legal education and information through technology who continue to inspire us every day.